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16 Holiday Cookies You Haven’t Tried Yet

The holiday season wouldn’t be the same without cookies. This applies to whatever holiday you celebrate! I always try to make the classics- shortbread, gingerbread, biscotti, rolled cookies and many others- but somehow, I always seem to make them all at once.

Is it just me, or does everybody try to make 6 dozen cookies in one evening? I always regret it half-way through. The mess is just too much to handle!

If you’re like me and you have trouble moderating your cookie-baking excitement, this year I challenge you (and myself) to focus on one new and amazing recipe. To help you with this, I’ve rounded up some of the best holiday cookie recipes to offer inspiration. Oh, and they’re all from amazing blogs, so you can be sure your efforts will produce sweet results. Happy baking!


Stained Glass Cookies from Olivia at Liv for Cake

Melted candy makes the beautiful glass-window effect in these cookies. They would look beautiful on a tree or even hung from a light fixture. They’re almost too pretty to eat!



Chewy Maple Syrup Fudge and Pecan Cookies by Marie over at Food Nouveau

A piece of maple sugar fudge is hidden in the middle of each of these chewy pecan cookies, making them extra special and sinfully indulgent. They also travel well, making you the hit of your next holiday party!



Lebkuchen by Cynthia at Cynful Kitchen

This German version of gingerbread is anything but traditional: the addition of lemon zest and the long rising periods may require a bit of planning, but patience is rewarded with this recipe!



Nougat aux Fruits from Kim at The Finer Cookie

Nougat is a chewy but melt-in-your-mouth delicacy that attracts kids and adults alike! They would make fantastic host or hostess gifts, particularly if presented in a pretty box with a bright ribbon.



Christmas Tree Slice & Bake Cookies by Laura at The Bluenose Baker

We’ve all had those slice and bake cookies with the fun and festive designs inside. These cookies have the same design but are from scratch! Know exactly what you and your little ones are eating with this fun and family-friendly recipe.



Matcha Shortbread Cookies from Beth Dunham

Matcha, a bright green powder made from ground green tea leaves, is known for its colour, antioxidant levels and distinct flavour. Try it in shortbread for an intriguing and delicious variation!



Chocolate Drizzled Cranberry Pistachio Cookies by Jessica from over at She Bakes Here

Both decorative and tasty, these mighty cookies are topped with dried fruits, nuts, and chocolate. A great recipe for any holiday party!


Dutch Stroopwafels (or Syrup Waffles) by Evelyne at Cultureatz

Stroopwafels are yeast cookies that are baked on a shallow waffle cookie press (or a George Foreman as back-up!) and filled with a gooey butterscotch filling. Enough said!



Almond Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies from Gabrielle at Eye Candy Popper

While they’re coincidentally gluten-free, vegan and refined sugar-free, they’re intentionally festive and tasty!


Les Pets de Soeurs from Maria over at She Loves Biscotti

Charmingly translating to “Nun farts,” these will be the highlight for the kids (especially if you tell them the name!). While we don’t know where the name comes from, we certainly know why they’re a favourite treat in Quebec: they’re like bite-size cinnamon rolls with currants and coconut!

Les Pets de Soeurs


Hamantaschen Cookies with Orange Mascarpone Filling by Cocoa Bean, The Vegetable

Traditionally eaten at Purim, a Jewish holiday in March, these little pocket-like cookies will be a major hit any time of year! The orange and mascarpone strays from the classic jam filling and gives it a bit of the  citrus-y brightness we all need during the winter season.



Maple Cream Cookies by Kiki at Cinnamon and Coriander

Just because there are no more leaves on the trees doesn’t mean you can’t have them on your plates! These maple-filled maple sandwich cookies are both pretty and flavourful. I can think of a particular someone who wears a red suit who might really like these…



Gingerbread Snowman Cookies by Renee at Sweet Revelations

Have you always wanted to try you hand at decorating with fondant? Now is your chance! These adorable snowmen gingerbread cookies are not only fun to make, they can make wonderful gifts.



Rosemary Cranberry Cookies by The Leafy Cauldron

With just a touch of orange zest, these Rosemary and Cranberry Cookies can come together in just a few steps. Perfect for those who are looking for something with an aromatic touch!



Orange Cranberry Almond Shortbread Cookies by Amanda at Picky to Plenty

Your house will smell heavenly when you bake up these shortbread cookies! And no matter how you slice them, they’re delicious. Add in your favourite mix-ins for a personal touch.



Crispy Salted Coconut Cookies by Elaine at Flavour & Savour 

Both crispy and chewy, these 4-ingredient coconut cookies take the cake thanks to the added touch of flaked sea salt. Yum!