An Evening at Thursday’s

Thursday’s was a restaurant/bar/night club that I had briefly heard about a couple years ago, but the only details I remember include that it was styled for an older crowd (60+) and it had a somewhat misfitting rotating circular dance floor in their nightclub basement. Despite this apparent peculiarity, it always seemed to hustle and bustle during the regular peek hours a restaurant and bar can expect in this city: Thursday to Saturday evenings, 5pm until late.

I was recently welcomed to an event to commemorate their recent “face lift” so to speak- a refreshing renewal of their menu, a retouching of the decor but still maintaining the historical feel, and a generous dose of excitement made the event, and the restaurant, one to remember.

We started the event with a cocktail- and one we had to guess the ingredients!- and admired the lavish design. It certainly was a time capsule to a previous time, but in a very inviting way. I really liked the uniqueness of it!



Head chef, Jean-Francois Vachon, opened his kitchen doors to us and gave us a glimpse into his orderly- and spotless- kitchen.
Despite the chef’s favourite dish to prepare being fish, due to the natural versatility and precise cooking, we tasted the meals that put Thursday’s on the map: classic french dishes, re-imagined.


The highlights included a friendly take on smoked meat sandwiches (above), tartines with house-made foie gras (below), and salmon tartare and beef tartare.


But my absolute favourite was dessert. Oh, the desserts! We had chocolate tart with earl grey ice cream, hazelnut and ginger eclairs, and – the highlight- rice pudding with caramel fleur de sel and candied pecans. Oh! I would never have ordered rice pudding at a restaurant, but this is definitely worth going for. I would go back for the rice pudding alone!


Needless to say, it was definitely a memorable experience and I’m already planning my next visit. The only thing missing? The circular rotating dance floor 🙂

Oh, and when you go, be sure to try the cocktail called “Blair’s Mistake” (the winning cocktail!) and send your regards to the namesake over at Day Jobs and the Nightlife!