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Product Review: Muthins

A couple weeks ago I attended the opening event for the Corey Vines pop-up shop at Mansfield Athletic Club, downtown Montreal. It was a great event in honour of the up-and-coming locally-designed athletic wear, and there were a couple health food brands there, hoping to garner a bit of exposure for their products. One of those brands was  ...

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Potato Cheddar Breakfast Loaf

This potato bread is one of those wonderfully savory treats that is always great to have in your back pocket. Incorporating both diced and mashed potatoes, it is a delicious way to use up leftover potatoes. Because really, does anyone truly enjoy eating reheated mashed potatoes? I guarantee you this will make your cold mashed potatoes taste  ...

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Strawberry Herb Cheese Tart

Sometimes local produce can be a bit disappointing. Like this year’s strawberry harvest in Quebec! The normally sweet and characteristically smaller berries are reason enough to wait for the season to come along, but this year’s crop seems to be pretty watered down. But what’s great about local fruits is that even if they  ...

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Honey and Orange Rhubarb Compote

I grew up with rhubarb growing in great bushels in my backyard. A childhood friend would gnaw on the raw stalks- he knew well enough not to eat the poisonous leaves- but I found it terribly acidic and sour. My face would twitch and my eyes would water and my mouth would twist and close tightly as I waited for the experience to subside. Even  ...

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Simple Jam Tart

Long weekends are the best. You get to do the lazy relaxing things you always seem to run out of time for on regular weekends. Things like ten or twelve hour sleeps and lazy afternoons sitting on the couch curled up with a magazine/book/movie are the simply pleasures that long weekends lend themselves to. Thank you, long weekend, for being  ...

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Chocolate Cranberry Cornmeal Cake

 Is it bad I’m already dreaming of summer? I mean, it’s not even February yet. And yet I catch myself re-imagining the feeling of warm sun on my face, the silky feeling of a warm breeze on my arms, and the incessant sound of birds. I actually miss the seagulls! When I started dreaming of seagulls, I knew I had to find a remedy- and  ...

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One-bowl Granola

When I make granola, I never follow a recipe. How can that be, you ask? It’s partially due to the fact I never have all the ingredients on hand, but also partially because I don’t want it to be the same every time I make it. Granola can get boring incredibly fast, which is surprising given the variety of nuts and seeds it can hold.  ...

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Apple Spice Smoothie

Last weekend Ben and I went apple picking with our friends Rebecca and Paul. We harvested Spartan, Macintosh, Lobo, and Golden apples, each just as delicious as their cousins (that sounds quite cannibalistic but I`m going to keep going…) It was a gorgeously warm and sunny day, but probably the last of the season before we transition into  ...

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