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Green Pea and Mascarpone Soup

I love green soup. Always the pureed kind. Everytime I see a bowl of the bright and green substance I forget any other vegetable: I want my green soup. This soup recipe is no exception, as the bright peas are brought to life with the accompanying fresh basil and mint. The mascarpone cheese, added right at the end, makes for a beautiful velvety  ...

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Rustic Tuna Terrine

“People who love to eat are always the best people” – Julia Child. Oh Julia, how you speak such wise words! The mix of food and social is as strong as ever in our North American culture. The pleasure we take in both the food we eat and the food environment we’ve created shows that the act of eating is truly within the  ...

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recipe, side dish, summer, vegetable

5-mushroom soup

When I was little I did not like mushrooms. I especially didn’t like cooked mushrooms– their texture was chewy and slimy and all I could imagine was eating slugs. Not a particularly nice image when you’ve got a bowl of it in front of you. When I was little, I did not appreciate the smoky and nutty flavour of mushrooms. I  ...

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