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Edible Flowers

It was a sunny Sunday morning, and Ben and I hopped into our rent-a-car and took off to Terrebonne, a small city just north of Montreal (and apparently the 8th largest city in the province). It was a very charming little town that sits along the waterfront, with large old historic homes and lots of green parks, and of course the long retired flour-grinding watermills.

Ben and I found our way eventually to Fleurs et Delices, a small company that specializes in edible flowers. We were curious, so we decided to check it out.

After the tour, we were both impressed with the amount of knowledge we had gained and how fascinating it was! The extent of my previous exposure to edible flowers were simply the candied violets my grandmother used to put on birthday cakes, but it goes so much farther than that!

We were taken around the garden by Élise Durocher, the owner and flower aficionado. We enjoyed the flowers as wine connoisseurs enjoy wine: scent, appearance, texture, and then taste. We ate various flower petals and discovered interesting flavours, smelled plants that had lemon and other odours. We ate wintergreen-flavoured plants that weren’t wintergreen, thyme-flavoured plants that weren’t thyme, and roasted-garlic plants that weren’t even in the garlic family! We ate flowers that tasted like lychee and black licorice (anise). We discovered the stevia plant (sweetness overload!), as well as learned various ways to prepare these plants to add them to your day-to-day cooking.

We also learned what to eat if you got lost in the woods somewhere and had no food… because you never know!

We were thrilled! We ended our trip with a trip to the Boutique, where we settled on a jar of bison paté that went deliciously well with the jar of rosemary jelly. That rosemary jelly disappeared so fast, we will definitely have to buy some more.

We also purchased a bottle of hibiscus syrup that tastes more honey-like than floral so it pairs beautifully with a beer or to spice up a glass of white wine! Imagine the cocktail possibilities! Yum!

All that to say, if you are ever in the Terrebonne area, I would strongly recommending checking this place out! It’s really neat, interesting, and is an activity that is out of the ordinary.