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Examining the Breville Quick Touch Crisp

 Disclaimer: I was invited to a product demonstration event and given a Breville Quick Touch Crisp in order to conduct this review.

A microwave today isn’t considered a particularly advanced piece of technology. It came to market around the 1960’s and stayed there, like a secondary character in a sitcom: always around, but rarely the center of attention.

Breville has gone ahead and updated the microwave. And frankly, I’m glad they did. After attending a product launch and demonstration a couple weeks ago, I can now say that a 21st century microwave exists!

I’m going to share some cool features, some constructive comments, and whether or not I decided in the end to replace my “regular” microwave with the Quick Touch Crisp.

Feature One: You can toast nuts

Your average microwave can’t get a nice golden hue on almond slices; nor can it get a crispy pizza crust. The main reason is because most microwaves have trouble absorbing the moisture in our foods.


Breville’s Quick Touch Crisp comes with a special dish that absorbs the moisture. You end up with beautifully browned nuts, a crispy-bottomed pizza, or even a delightfully crunchy grilled cheese! This dish should only be used in the Quick Touch Crisp though. It works incredibly well but be careful- make sure you handle the hot pan with oven mitts when it’s been used!

Feature Two: You can melt chocolate without separation

I cannot count the number of times I’ve tried melting chocolate in the microwave and it separates. I clearly lack patience, but I an so determined to make it work, I got it down to a science: 7 seconds on high; 10 seconds on low. Stir. 10 seconds on low again.


Breville’s Quick Touch Crisp comes with a preset chocolate melting button, and it has been programmed to deliver just the right amount of power and time to get perfectly melted, perfectly glossy chocolate. I was very impressed, especially because now I don’t need to memorize my series of steps to get perfectly melted chocolate anymore.

Feature Three: It was actually made by people who use a microwave

I think a home cook, who isn’t afraid to use a microwave, helped design this product. Firstly, this microwave has terrific pre-set buttons that are actually useful. And secondly, the microwave is incredibly quiet. In fact, the only sound you hear is the cooling fan turning. Thirdly, it beeps at you when you need to stir. Smart, right?

Oh, and there is a “soften butter” option. How did this not exist before?!


The pitfalls

I don’t think this would be a fair review if I didn’t highlight some of the inconveniences. Here are some things I noticed:

  • I don’t always weigh my food. In fact, most of the time, I’m eyeballing it. With the Breville Quick Touch Crisp you need to have a rough idea of the quantity you want cooked/heated. If Breville was to come up with a second version, I recommend they add an integrated scale (wouldn’t that be awesome?)
  • The controls aren’t as straight-forward as your standard microwave. Or, should I say, they’re different. And sometimes the dials can be confusing. If you hate learning new things or following a manual, this might not be the best appliance for you.
  • The wattage is lower than your standard microwave (900W vs. 1200W) because of the crisping feature; I consider this is a small sacrifice.



Despite some of the inconveniences, like a longer cooking time because of the lower wattage, I got rid of my old microwave. How can it compete when this new guy is in town? I’m honestly impressed … oh my goodness there is even a bacon button! I’m discovering new pre-set buttons every day!