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Farmer’s Basket Bounty: Week One and Two

I’ve signed up for a Farmer’s Market Basket, and just recently I’ve started collecting my bounty. I get a basket of vegetables once a week from a local organic farm, and the contents vary depending on what was freshly picked that same day.

Week 1 bounty:

  • garlic scapes
  • turnips with their greens
  • fresh peas
  • cabbage
  • 2 heads of lettuce
  • parsley
  • rainbow swiss chard
  • green onion
  • kohlrabi


The lettuce this week was just phenomenal- I don’t think I have ever seen a head of lettuce this big. It was bigger than my face! We could barely make it through, so when we got lettuce again the second week, I actually gave it to a colleague to spread the joy. You can only eat so much lettuce!






The item that posed the biggest hurdle was the kohlrabi, which is something I had never cooked with before. It’s thicker skin and tender center reminds me somewhat of a broccoli stem, and the slightly sweet and peppery taste when raw is reminiscent to a radish. The leaves are milder and peppery as well, and I added them to my breakfast smoothie for a quick and easy serving of vegetables.

I peeled and chopped the kohlrabi for a stir fry, which was very tasty and crunchy. It does soften right down, but I cooked it just enough to retain a bit of texture.


The rainbow swiss chard was easy to integrate into my dishes- while the leaves were chopped and used as green addition to chopped vegetable salad or sauteed with garlic for a tasty side dish, the stems ended up in my lentil curry with rice for work lunches. They have a slight bitterness that softens when they’re cooked, and the texture is very similar to celery.


Week two offered a surprisingly different array of vegetables. I wouldn’t have thought that seven days would have changed the harvest dramatically, but it did.

Week 2 bounty:

  • one lettuce head
  • garlic scapes
  • fresh dill
  • carrots and their greens
  • red beets and their greens
  • two zucchinis
  • baby bok choy
  • one large English cucumber
  • a small jar of Quebec maple syrup

Stay tuned- I’ve developed a really tasty tartine spread using some of the veggies from week 2!