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Chicken and Tangerine Crostini

Disclaimer: Thank you to Importation Navino Inc. for sponsoring this blog post. All recipes, wording and opinions are entirely my own. December is probably one of the most party-packed months of the year. With work events, friend celebrations, family dinners and even neighbourhood get-together’s, the social calendar can fill up pretty  ...

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French Shortbread: Sablés Bretons

Disclaimer: I was invited to an event at Épicerie Brimbelle in order to learn more about their products and was provided with a small sampler. I was not compensated financially for this feature, and all recipes, wording and opinions are entirely my own. With the holiday season fast (too fast!!) approaching, our holiday baking plans are  ...

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Chorizo and Chicken Paella

Disclaimer: Thank you to The Little Potato Company for sponsoring this blog post! All wording, recipes and opinions are entirely my own. Paella is a dish I absolutely love. The crispy bits of rice, the abundance of well-seasoned seafood, and of course the generous dose of spices. This Chorizo and Chicken Paella is nothing short of delicious  ...

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3-ingredient Dog Biscuits

First off, let me make this clear. The dog in these photos, Saxo, is not mine. But he has been living with me for the past three months. He actually belongs to my parents-in-law, and for the short version of the story, we’ve been taking care of him! And, because he isn’t mine, I get to spoil him. I take him on long walks in the  ...

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Ground Cherry and Pistachio Hand Pies

Ground cherries are completely under-appreciated. You would probably recognize them for their natural paper-encasing, beautifully tuliped to protect the fruit inside. Peel back that papery shell and you will find a golden round bulb that tastes a bit like a pineapple but with the texture of a tomato. Are you curious yet? I love snacking on  ...

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Agrotourism in Rougemont, Quebec

Supporting local farmers and eating locally-grown food are things I love doing and advocating for, both because of the reduced environmental impact but also because I think local produce just tastes better. So when Melissa from ‘Round Table Tours, encouraged me to participate in their first Agrotourism trip, guided by nutritionist Julie  ...

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