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Product Review: Muthins

A couple weeks ago I attended the opening event for the Corey Vines pop-up shop at Mansfield Athletic Club, downtown Montreal. It was a great event in honour of the up-and-coming locally-designed athletic wear, and there were a couple health food brands there, hoping to garner a bit of exposure for their products.

One of those brands was Muthins. Ever heard of it? It’s a healthy muffin- and it’s truly healthy. Chocked full of only healthy ingredients- think bran, apples, carrots, and just a hint of raw organic honey. I scoured their ingredient list for preservatives or fillers, and was thrilled to see how pure the ingredient list was. I even took a photo of the label to show you:

They are the truly healthy muffin- it isn’t a cupcake! They taste like a healthy muffin, but with fun flavours like chocolate, apple and cinnamon, and carrot raisin. If you’re unsure if you’d like them, I suggest starting with the chocolate muffin. Yes, a healthy chocolate muffin!

These muffins are my go-to when I’m having a busy week and I simply need a healthy and energetic push to get me through the day. They make fantastic snacks! And with about 5g of fiber, around 5g of protein, and less than 5g of sugar per muffin, you can be sure it’ll tie you over until the next meal.

If you don’t have time to make your own healthy muffins, these are definitely an artisanal (and Montreal-made) brand I would highly recommend!

I’ve noticed, however, that some of their milder flavours- banana, lemon poppy-seed, and blueberry- are harder to distinguish. So I recommend trying out their most popular flavours- chocolate, apple cinnamon, and raisin- as they are the popular ones for a reason! They’re super delicious.

Want to know my favourite way to enjoy them? Warmed up slightly and with a smear of butter. Yum!
Check out their website to find out where you can find them near you.

Disclaimer: Muthins sent me their product to conduct the review. All wording and opinions are entirely my own.