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Dead-Easy Banana Chocolate Cookies

I went to the gym this morning. And that was about all I accomplished. When I was at University, I managed to workout 4-5 days a week no-problem. But now, in the working world, I can barely fit in two workouts a week! I refuse to think this is because I am getting older. It must be something in my diet or sleep (right?). So, in search of my  ...

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recipe, snack, sweet, year-round

Banana Coconut Bread with Rum

We all have those black-brown bananas that sit in our freezer for weeks/months… peacefully waiting for us to use them in our favourite banana treat. I think it’s about time we try a unique type of banana bread! So, I made a loaf but added rum and coconut. You know, just to see how it would turn out. This is like revolutionized  ...

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