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Gooey Apple Crumble Bars

Oh these are bad. These are dangerously bad. I fully regret posting these on here because it means that somewhere else in the world, someone will give them a try and have the same experience. Pure unadulterated food bliss that results in consuming the entire pan. But oh it’s worth it. The cake-y crust supports a heaping pile of spiced  ...

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Brandy Peach Blondies

I love adding alcohol to baking, as it adds a wonderful flavour dimension (such as in Coconut Rum Banana Bread or Brandy Berry Trifle). I find myself sometimes dreaming about wonderful recipes where I could add a splash or two. With the wonderful peach season upon us once again, I wanted to try an updated version of the classic blondie bar. By  ...

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Nuts for Coconut and Fruit Energy Bars!

Perhaps you know the feeling: that mild guilt that climbs up your throat like a case of heartburn when you buy those ridiculously miniature and expensive energy/granola bars in the ‘health’ and ‘organic’  food section. You know you can make healthier and more delicious bars at home, and you know they are overpriced, but  ...

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Coconut Lemon Squares

 There is nothing quite like the beautiful combination of lemon and coconut. You get the tangy ripeness from the lemons and the summery nuttiness and chewy texture from the coconut. Together, they make a magical pair! I always associate lemon squares with summertime; perhaps because they seem like picnic food. It is for this reason exactly I  ...

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