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Summer fondue

Using the barbecue is definitely one of the highlights of summertime for me. I used to be afraid to use it- the hissing of the propane and the high heat was intimidating. But after a bit of practice, I can happily say that I now know my way around the barbecue almost as much as I know my way around an oven. And in terms of this idea that a  ...

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Beer Bread

Sometimes I get this ridiculously overwhelming urge to eat fresh homemade bread. More often than not, when that urge hits I have absolutely no desire to break out those yeast packets and go through all the rising intervals and kneading workouts that is required for most yeast-rising bread. That is, until I found this absolutely ground-breaking  ...

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Banana Coconut Bread with Rum

We all have those black-brown bananas that sit in our freezer for weeks/months… peacefully waiting for us to use them in our favourite banana treat. I think it’s about time we try a unique type of banana bread! So, I made a loaf but added rum and coconut. You know, just to see how it would turn out. This is like revolutionized  ...

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