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One-bowl Granola

When I make granola, I never follow a recipe. How can that be, you ask? It’s partially due to the fact I never have all the ingredients on hand, but also partially because I don’t want it to be the same every time I make it. Granola can get boring incredibly fast, which is surprising given the variety of nuts and seeds it can hold.  ...

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Cornmeal Waffles

 Sweater-weather is perhaps one of my favourite seasons. It’s when it is too cold for a summer dress, but still too warm to break out a parka. A sweater (preferably soft and fluffy) fits the bill perfectly these days, and I’m going to cherish it until the first speck of snow! Cozy up during this pre-fall time with these decadent  ...

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breakfast, recipe, sweet, year-round

Lemon Date Scones

For me, starting a new year always means change. In the best possible way of course. To mark 2014, I have started going back to school. Yes, my life has officially gained momentum as I narrow in on where I want to take my career. So, not only am I working full-time, but I am also studying Public Relations and Communications. This means that  ...

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Brandy Berry Trifle

I’m sure most of us have a dish that reminds us of a special someone. For me, a trifle reminds me of my Mom. My Mom doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth (unlike me!), so she rarely feels inclined to do anything dessert-y. But every once and a while, normally around a big holiday like Christmas, she will break out her killer trifle  ...

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breakfast, recipe, summer, sweet

Strawberries and Cream Scones

Today, I did something completely out of character. I bought three baskets of strawberries outside of local strawberry season. I was so excited to have fresh fruits, but felt the familiar lack-luster of a transports-well kind of strawberry. Instead of making a fuss, I decided to use this opportunity to try my hand at scones. You know, the  ...

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breakfast, recipe, summer, sweet

Yogurt Berry “Flan”

A rainy day can usher the outdoorsy people back into their homes, searching for activities to keep them busy. Today was that kind of rainy day; but the sunshine is now streaming into my kitchen, teasing me with its warmth. Warmer weather always seems to inspire fruity and light desserts, and this particular recipe has been my go-to for many  ...

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