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Gooey Apple Crumble Bars

Oh these are bad. These are dangerously bad. I fully regret posting these on here because it means that somewhere else in the world, someone will give them a try and have the same experience. Pure unadulterated food bliss that results in consuming the entire pan. But oh it’s worth it. The cake-y crust supports a heaping pile of spiced  ...

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Caramel fleur-de-sel cake

This recipe turned out 100 times better than I expected. I had a couple jars of caramel fleur-de-sel in my cupboards but I didn’t know what to do with it all. You can only eat it with ice cream or by the spoonful so many times (or can you?)… But then I found this recipe. By fluke. And I thought, “hey! I have caramel  ...

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