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The Complete Coconut Cookbook Review

Coconut is all over the supermarket shelves these days, reclaimed as a indulgent treat and placed in the spotlight for their nutritious qualities. But what do we do with these coconut products? Camilla Saulsbury, writer and recipe developer, clears the air in her most recent cookbook called The Complete Coconut Cookbook. Hitting shelves today,  ...

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Chewy Chocolate Coconut Cookies

I love cookies. I love them with oatmeal because it offers a yummy chewy texture.  It is a constant battle with Ben, who is determined to rid “healthy” ingredients from otherwise perfectly delicious cookies. He likes his sugary and buttery and without les flocons d’avoine. Oh boy, did I show him. These oatmeal chocolate  ...

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Coconut and Nuts Granola

Granola is one of those treats that tastes delicious, is super filling, and a great breakfast option with milk or yogurt, or even a snack! Here is one of the various granola recipes I like to make. It has a delicious crunch from the toasted nuts, a delicate sweetness from the honey and brown sugar, and wholesomeness from the oats, and a fun  ...

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Coconut Vanilla No-Stir Ice Cream

When I was in high school, I used my Mom’s ice cream maker for a friend’s Christmas Party. I made candy cane ice cream, and it was a hit! I remember taking the big bowl out of the freezer every couple of hours to give it a big stir. But I remember feeling it was somewhat time consuming, so I never really made it again. I  ...

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Banana Coconut Bread with Rum

We all have those black-brown bananas that sit in our freezer for weeks/months… peacefully waiting for us to use them in our favourite banana treat. I think it’s about time we try a unique type of banana bread! So, I made a loaf but added rum and coconut. You know, just to see how it would turn out. This is like revolutionized  ...

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Nuts for Coconut and Fruit Energy Bars!

Perhaps you know the feeling: that mild guilt that climbs up your throat like a case of heartburn when you buy those ridiculously miniature and expensive energy/granola bars in the ‘health’ and ‘organic’  food section. You know you can make healthier and more delicious bars at home, and you know they are overpriced, but  ...

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Coconut Lemon Squares

 There is nothing quite like the beautiful combination of lemon and coconut. You get the tangy ripeness from the lemons and the summery nuttiness and chewy texture from the coconut. Together, they make a magical pair! I always associate lemon squares with summertime; perhaps because they seem like picnic food. It is for this reason exactly I  ...

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