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Date Squares

Date squares are one of those treats that you either absolutely love, or you absolutely love to hate. I fall into the former category, as I love the sweet and gooey date filling (not to mention the magnesium dose!) and the crunchy, chewy and buttery oatmeal crust and topping. They really are one of those perfects treats, especially if  ...

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The Complete Coconut Cookbook Review

Coconut is all over the supermarket shelves these days, reclaimed as a indulgent treat and placed in the spotlight for their nutritious qualities. But what do we do with these coconut products? Camilla Saulsbury, writer and recipe developer, clears the air in her most recent cookbook called The Complete Coconut Cookbook. Hitting shelves today,  ...

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Chocolate Date Loaf

If you frequent this blog every so often, you may have noticed I’ve been dying to make a dessert that is sweetened with dates. Well, I have not only found a chocolate date dessert, but I actually stole this recipe from my friend Evelyne. Yes, I stole it. Evelyne is a sports nutritionist, and one of Quebec’s top-tiered dietitians.  ...

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