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Lavender Eclairs

 When I was a kid, Easter was kind of a big deal. My sisters and I would lay out our woven wicker baskets in the living room before going to bed, and when we came downstairs the next morning each basket would have a chocolate bunny sitting inside. We were impressed every year, despite knowing the ritual. Like most kids, it was more about the  ...

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An Evening at Thursday’s

Thursday’s was a restaurant/bar/night club that I had briefly heard about a couple years ago, but the only details I remember include that it was styled for an older crowd (60+) and it had a somewhat misfitting rotating circular dance floor in their nightclub basement. Despite this apparent peculiarity, it always seemed to hustle and  ...

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Classic French Madeleines

Fresh, warm little madeleines are such a special treat, and they’re particularly wonderful because there is nothing quite like them. They are both delicate in texture and robust in density, and the buttery scent balances out the subtle lemon zest flavour. The classic scallop-shaped madeleine mould makes them so attractive, I truly  ...

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French Almond Pear Tart

I live in a box. Rather, I live in numerous boxes. As Ben and I pack up to move (in nine days!!), I realize how temporary homes can be. I will be moving for the fifth time since I first called Montreal my home, and each time I feel like an uprooted tree… But, of course, I’m sure fresh roots will run deep in this future apartment. I  ...

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Les Canelés Bordelais

Of all the various and wonderful things that I have experienced while dating a frenchman, I think what we have enjoyed the most together is sharing each other’s cultural foods. Before meeting him, I wasn’t a huge fan of foie gras (sacrilege!), nor was I terribly interested in duck confit or veal kidneys. And I certainly  ...

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