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Gin braised Lamb Ribs

For last night’s dinner, I had succulent lamb ribs, dripping with juices and flavoured with braised onions and caramelized apricots. It was slowly cooked in a gin broth, offering the pronounced flavours of juniper and botanicals. And it was as amazing as it sounds! We all know how much I love to add alcohol to my creations (like banana  ...

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Lamb Apricot Tagine

I have a visiting house guest for the next two weeks. She is really fun, expressive, silly, and easy-going. But she also sheds a lot and begs for food at 5:30AM. Her name is Leela, and she is my sister Corinne’s cat. Most people wouldn’t consider this the highlight of their week, but I’m not like most people. I love having  ...

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