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Lemon Date Scones

For me, starting a new year always means change. In the best possible way of course. To mark 2014, I have started going back to school. Yes, my life has officially gained momentum as I narrow in on where I want to take my career. So, not only am I working full-time, but I am also studying Public Relations and Communications. This means that  ...

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Lemon Upside-Down Cakes

I am thrilled when asked to bring dessert to a dinner party. But, like many of us, sometimes I’m so exhausted from a long day that I don’t have the energy or desire to spend hours making a theatrical dessert. In tough times like this, I turn to recipes that require as little effort as possible, such as this self-icing cake. This  ...

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Coconut Lemon Squares

 There is nothing quite like the beautiful combination of lemon and coconut. You get the tangy ripeness from the lemons and the summery nuttiness and chewy texture from the coconut. Together, they make a magical pair! I always associate lemon squares with summertime; perhaps because they seem like picnic food. It is for this reason exactly I  ...

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