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Sesame Orange Brittle

Sweet, chewy, crispy, nutty, and with just a touch of salt. I think we all have memories of those Sesame Snap candies that can always be found in small corner or grocery stores, stacked so neatly by the cash register. As a kid they were never really that tempting (I always went for the Hubba Bubba original), but as I got older I learned to  ...

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Peach Grand Marnier Upside Down Bundt

 We’ve all been there: getting a little carried away at the Farmer’s Market and leaving with more than you could possible eat. This happens to me all the time, particularly with fresh fruit. Lately, with peaches! I had managed to eat almost my entire basket of peaches, except for four small ones that I had put in the fridge. They  ...

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Chocolate Biscotti x 2

Here is a simple biscotti, done two ways: the first way is chocolate chip and almond, and the second way is chocolate and orange peel. I personally love them both and crave them equally, and it is always nice to sometimes have a selection. The chocolate almond one reminds me of Ben, my boyfriend, who is normally very appreciative of adventuous  ...

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