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Rhubarb White Chocolate Tart

Rhubarb is such a favourite this time of year! One of the first fruits (okay okay, it's technically a vegetable) to appear late spring, it has a punchy tang and a notable flavour that just can't be beat. While its bitterness means its rarely left on its own, I've given it a bit more of the spotlight in this tasty tart recipe and heightened the  ...

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Honey and Orange Rhubarb Compote

I grew up with rhubarb growing in great bushels in my backyard. A childhood friend would gnaw on the raw stalks- he knew well enough not to eat the poisonous leaves- but I found it terribly acidic and sour. My face would twitch and my eyes would water and my mouth would twist and close tightly as I waited for the experience to subside. Even  ...

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