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Lime and Persimmon Marmalade

 Marmalade is a creation that is both sweet and tart- and I like to make my own as I prefer it more on the tart side. Especially when heavily slathered with hot butter and toasted baguette! This recipe uses limes which add a heavy citrus note, and is paired with persimmons. If you don’t know what persimmons are, they’re a large  ...

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Baba Ghanoush

What is your favourite Canadian Thanksgiving treat? While I’m a huge fan of freshly made pumpkin pie with whipped cream, my favourite way to celebrate this special day is by leaving the traditional aside and instead make it about discovering new dishes or celebrating those long forgotten. Baba ghanoush is this year’s favourite  ...

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The Best Nut Butter

Now that we’ve entered the month of December, I do everything possible to make my life a little more festive. Here are some deliciously festive tips: 1. Add eggnog instead of milk or cream to your coffee (shout out to Emily!) 2. Add equal parts eggnog and water when making your morning oatmeal/kamut (or, for those who are really  ...

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The Complete Coconut Cookbook Review

Coconut is all over the supermarket shelves these days, reclaimed as a indulgent treat and placed in the spotlight for their nutritious qualities. But what do we do with these coconut products? Camilla Saulsbury, writer and recipe developer, clears the air in her most recent cookbook called The Complete Coconut Cookbook. Hitting shelves today,  ...

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