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Summertime Salmon Tartare

 Summertiiimmeee, and the living’s easy… Most of the time, anyway. Or, it was when we were kids and got a break from school during the summer months. How lovely that was! Imagine if we got the entire summer off from work? I probably would disappear to the cottage eating nothing but freshly-picked wild blueberries and cottage  ...

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French Almond Pear Tart

I live in a box. Rather, I live in numerous boxes. As Ben and I pack up to move (in nine days!!), I realize how temporary homes can be. I will be moving for the fifth time since I first called Montreal my home, and each time I feel like an uprooted tree… But, of course, I’m sure fresh roots will run deep in this future apartment. I  ...

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Lazy Cocoa Berry Sorbet

Slowly but surely, the stack of boxes in my living room is getting higher and higher as Ben and I prepare to move. A month today we will be moving into our new apartment! Before we do that, however, Ben and I had to take care of a couple major purchases: a washer and dryer. We were constrained by size, dimensions, and they had to be stackable.  ...

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Blueberry Sesame Muffins

Blueberry and sesame. They aren’t necessarily two flavours that we ceremoniously pair together. But they are delicious! The toasted and mild flavours of the sesame seeds add a texture and flavour contrast to the sweet and juicy blueberries. Both flavours are enveloped in a dense and moist muffin cup. I found these flavours somewhat  ...

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Homemade Vanilla Pear Jam

I have very fond memories of growing up eating my Grandmother’s homemade jam. She made jams and jellies in every flavour it seemed: peach, strawberry, raspberry, grape, apricot, blueberry, choke-cherry… So when I was at the local Farmer’s Market and I purchased a too-big basket of Bartlett pears, it seemed like an obvious  ...

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