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Taste Test: Clif Organic Trail Mix Bars

How do you feel about trail mix bars?

I love eating homemade granola bars, because it can be challenging to maneuver around all the fake-healthy options at the grocery store. But when I was contacted by Clif, I knew I had to try their new trail mix bar because they certainly made a name for themselves in energy bars! They might know a thing or two about trail mix bars, right?

First, I think it should be stated that these are not granola bars. These are trail mix bars and contain all the fixin’s of your favourite trail mix but in an easy to eat format. Oh, and for you non-gluten eaters out there, they happen to be gluten-free!

For those that know my blog and my recipes, I’m certainly a gluten celebrator. But honestly, I didn’t miss the oatmeal or the other cheap fillers they cram in the other trail mix alternatives. These bars were honest to goodness nuts, fruits, sometimes dark chocolate, and a bit of stick to hold it all together. They’re very rustic looking but pure in taste, and I was honestly surprised at how chewy they were: after two bars my jaw started to feel tired. And I loved it, because to me that said they used real food and not overly processed ingredients.

For more information about these gluten-free organic trail mix bars, check out their awesome website!

Disclaimer: I received product samples from the Clif Bar Company in order to conduct this review. All opinions are entirely my own.